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Blower Door Testing-Energy Certification-Heat Plans

Energy Code Compliance

Pre-Construction Consultation

Navigating the new code requirements for air infiltration, insulation and duct design can be daunting.  Let us handle everything from the beginning.  We can design an insulation plan, model the house for possible trade offs (build with 2x4 instead of 2x6 kind of trade offs), air seal the building and test out with a blower door.  Every project that we are involved in from the beginning is guaranteed to pass inspection.

Energy Efficiency Consultation

We test your house to discover the most cost effective ways to improve your comfort and efficiency and make sure there are no health and safety issues like mold or asbestos.  We evaluate the building, calculate the energy savings and make recommendations for improvement, we can even include a scope of work with pricing upon request.  The 3 major areas we look at are insulation, lighting and HVAC.  We participate in local utility programs that may qualify you for a rebate if you have work done.

Energy Audits

Commercial Energy Audits

Modern Apartment Block

We conduct ASHRAE level audits to help building owners prioritize improvements based on return on investment.  We are dedicated to providing professional and reliable services.  Using cutting edge diagnostics and historical energy use, we can tailor a plan to fit your budget.  We are certified professionals in building envelope, lighting and controls and HVAC systems and controls.

HVAC Design/ Heat Plans

manual d_right design.jpg

The new mechanical code adds some important requirements that if you are not adding them in the design phase, you will have problems down the road.  Mandatory automatic mechanical ventilation and no more wall cavity plenums are some of the items we see missed all the time.  We provide prompt, affordable and professional manual J, D and S for builders and HVAC companies.

About Us

Michigan Energy has been serving businesses and homeowners since 2000. As fully-certified professionals, we are ready to tackle anything from code compliance to commercial auditing. We are fueled by a commitment to excellence and go the extra mile to make sure our clients are completely satisfied. Call to schedule an initial consultation today.

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