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The Energy Packages

Basic Energy Package- $249
  • Insulation Plan- Includes plan review and ResCheck, if necessary.

  • Blower Door Test

  • Compliance Documentation

Standard Energy Package- $599
  • Insulation Plan- Includes plan review and ResCheck, if necessary.

  • Air Sealing-Guaranteed to pass blower door test.  Includes rim joist, bottom plates, corners, penetrations and outlets.  Completed in a 2 stage system-rough and final.

  • Blower Door Test

  • Compliance documentation

Premium Energy Package- $649
  • Insulation Plan- Includes plan review and ResCheck, if necessary.

  • HVAC Design-Manual J, S an D

  • Blower Door Test

  • Compliance documentation

Insulation Plan

We will review your prints to make sure it will pass the prescriptive code or if necessary, conduct a ResCheck for R-value compliance.

Print Review- Free

ResCheck -$99

HVAC Design/Heat Plan

We provide Manual J,S and D using state of the art software.  We work closely with your HVAC installer from design  through completion.

$.17 sq/ft 

Minimum of $399



If you are looking for major trade-offs, we can model the house in REMDesign and look for high impact trade-offs, for example build with 2x4 instead of 2x6 framing.


Blower Door Testing

We conduct a blower door test and provide a certificate of completion.  If you don't pass the test, we will help you identify the problem areas and come up with a solution.


Air Sealing

We air seal at rough, sealing up the rim joist, penetrations, bottom plates, corners and other strategic air leakage spots.  We also seal at the final stage checking for penetrations from fixtures, outlets and switches.

$.17 sq/ft

Minimum of $299

Pre-Construction Consultation

Energy Code Compliance

2015 Michigan Energy Code Highlights

The 2015 Michigan Energy code was enacted in 2016 and is in full force and effect.  Here are some of the main differences from the previous versions:

  • Air infiltration has to be 4 ach (air changes per hour) or less, as tested with a blower door.  Every house has to be tested, no exceptions.  If you are not building with air sealing in mind you will have a hard time passing the test.

  • Rim and band joists also known as bonds are required to have an air barrier.  This means you have to cover fibrous insulation with an air barrier material.  The best way to pass this is by using foam as it is an air barrier.

  • Crawl Space insulation has to be R-15 continuous or R-19 cavity.  

  • Building cavities cannot be used as ducts, everything has to be ducted and all connections have to be sealed.

  • Whole house mechanical ventilation is mandatory.

  • Windows have to have a U value of .32 or better.

  • 75% of all permanent lighting fixtures have be high efficiency (LED or CFL).

  • Ducts located outside the thermal envelope have to be duct tested for air tightness and insulated.

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