Why have an Energy Audit?

Because your house is an interconnected system and insulation companies see an opportunity  to sell insulation and HVAC companies see an opportunity to sell furnaces and AC units.  Energy auditors see an opportunity to increase efficiency and comfort.

The report gives you a clearly defined path to comfort and efficiency with pricing and payback info so you can decide how to proceed.

The audit can qualify you for Utility Rebates if you have work done.

You get a home inspection before you buy a house, you do research before you buy a car, have an energy audit before you spend thousands of dollars on insulation and HVAC equipment.



A blower door test sucks the air out of the house to measure how leaky the house is.



Using a thermal camera while the blower door is running, we can easily pinpoint the problem areas.


Working Together

The audit report gives you recommendations for improvement, typical costs and how much you will save.  Also, we provide a list of health and safety testing and results.

blower door (1).jpg

Blower Door Test


We provide an air leakage rate of the house, no report.

Couple and Architect

Energy Audit


Includes a blower door test, thermal scan while blower door is running and a full report on your house, recommended energy improvements with pricing and a list of health and safety tests

Interior themal.jpg

Thermal Imaging Scan


We scan the house and save the pertinent pictures.  We include them in a thermal imaging report.